The Wild Balkans Foundation (WBF) is a Bulgarian public, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its head office is situated in Sofia.

The Wild Balkans  Foundation’s mission is to support the protection, conservation, management and promotion of the ecological systems and wildlife diversity in Southeastern Europe.

The Wild Balkans Foundation collaborates on local and global level with universities, museums, research institutes, media, governmental and non-governmental organizations. It funds projects implemented by scientific teams and research institutes, being supported by universities, museums, municipalities and local communities.

The Wild Balkans Foundation goals are:

  • To enhance the utilization of ecological and zoological systems and improve the management of wildlife resources as preconditions for sustainable development in SE Europe;
  • To facilitate the global “access”, both direct and virtual, to the Balkan wild nature, especially for international scholars, students, donors and tourists;
  • To raise the level of global cooperation and exchange of ideas, expertise and resources concerning Balkan wildlife.

Wild Balkans Field School 

The Wild Balkan Field School program is fully managed and funded by the Wild Balkan Foundation. Each field school project involves wildlife experts and students and combines elements of academic and non-formal education: lectures and training courses, workshops, lab work and field trips that enable students to gain valuable hands-on experience. Guided tours to attractive wild nature and cultural sites in proximity to the projects’ location are provided for all participants.



str. Sava Michaylov 10, ap 70

BG – 1609 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phones: + 359 884 920 712