Who Are We?

The Wild Balkans Field School (WBFS) is a program of the Wild Balkans Foundation (Bulgarian public, non-profit, non-governmental organization) for practical education in the field of Ecology, Biology and Zoology of South-Eastern Europe, Documentation, Conservation and Restoration of wildlife resources. It is currently implemented in Bulgaria. The official language of the field school is English. The program has involved a number of academic and research institutions, museums and wildlife specialists.

What Do We Do?

The WBFS offers projects/courses for both beginners and advanced specialists. Our students are undergraduate and graduate students in Ecology, Biology and Zoology, postgraduate students, specialists and scholars in the field of ecology, biology and wild nature, as well as wildlife enthusiasts.

All the WBFS projects are affiliated with ongoing research and/or conservation projects (such as expeditions, conservation workshops, field research), contributing to the study and preservation of the wildlife resources of the Balkans. Research projects take place at various types of wild nature areas: mountains, plains, sea region, fresh water basins, etc. Our projects concern all major species that exist in the Balkans.

The WBFS courses present specific topics that concern mainly the use of techniques or specific skills related to ecological and biological research and study. Professional zoologists, ecologist, biologists and other specialists are engaged as trainers and instructors in the courses.

Each WBFS project/course combines 3 basic educational modules: theoretical (lectures, presentations), practical (participation in field training, lab work, conservation workshops) and excursions to attractive wild nature destinations and cultural sites.

What are the benefits for everyone?

  • WBFS Students – Education & Experience; Opportunity to work with professionals in a real-life wild nature ongoing projects; Creating new friends and contacts.
  • Ecology specialists (zoologists, biologists etc.) and institutions (museums, scientific institutes) involved with the WBFS – Additional Funding and Support for their work in studying and preserving wildlife sites/habitats/species populations.
  • Local communities, where the WBFS projects/courses take place – Increased promotion of the local tourist potential; Intercultural experience for local communities.



Ilia Todorov

Dr.Iliya Todorov: Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Wild Balkans Foundation, WBFS Instructor.

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Sofia University, Bulgaria

Research interests: Philosophy of science,Wildlife Conservation

Vladimir Todorov

Vladimir Todorov: Founder, Program Director and member of the Board of Directors of Wild Balkans Foundation, WBFS Instructor.

Ph.D. Student in Zoology, BAS, Bulgaria.

Research interests: Zoology, Ethology, Wildlife Managment

Lena Todorova

Lena Todorova: Founder, Program Director and member of the Board of Directors of Wild Balkans Foundation, WBFS Instructor.

Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, Sofia University, Bulgaria.

Research interests: Bioethics, Arts


Wild Balkans Field School Contacts

str. Sava Michaylov 10, ap 70

BG – 1609 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phones: + 359 0884 920 712

E-mail: office@wbfieldschool.com