Application and Registration

WBFS Application Process:


How to Apply and What Follows?


  1. Submit Online Application Form and get a confirmation within 48hrs!

This is the only way to apply. After submission of your application form you will receive (in up to 2 working days) an e-mail confirming receipt from our Admission Officer. Wild Balkans will consider your application and let you know about the decision within 10 days. If you are admitted to one or several WB projects/project sessions, you will receive by e-mail: 1.) the WB admission notification (as an e-mail text) and 2.) the Wild Balkan Attendance Agreement as a PDF file.


  1. Confirm your participation!

If accepted you should confirm or cancel your participation by e-mail within the period of 20 days following the date, when the Wild Balkans admission notification was sent.


  1. Contract your participation!

In case of confirmation, you should:

In case you confirm your participation in the project you are expected to register within 20 days following the date, when this e-mail was sent! Please, consider that, in order to register in the project, you will have to:

3.1 Complete the required participant data in the Wild Balkans Attendance Agreement!

3.2 Print out and sign two copies of the completed document. Then scan it!

3.3 Transfer a deposit (at least 30% (thirty percent) of the admission fee)* via on-line credit/debit card donation, bank or money transfer.

  • Bank transfers can be made to the Wild Balkans bank account.
  • Online transfers via the Wild Balkans virtual POS Terminal
  • Transfers via Western Union or Money Gram could be accepted, but only if the issue is communicated with the WBFS Admissions Officer in advance!

3.4 If the deposit is made via bank transfer, please scan the bank receipt!

3.5 Send a registered letter to the Wild Balkans postal address (specified in the bottom of every page of this document), containing the following documents: one of the Agreement’s hard copies filled and signed + a copy of the bank receipt! The date on the postal receipt should not exceed the 20 days period following the date, when the e-mail, that the current document is attached to, was sent!

3.6 Send by e-mail scanned copies of: this Attendance Agreement filled and signed by you, the bank receipt and the postal receipt, proving that the hard copies of the documents specified above have been sent to the Wild Balkans office! The e-mail with the attachments should be sent in the 20 days period following the date, when the e-mail that the current document is attached to, was sent!

The participant is considered REGISTERED in the project only if s/he fulfills the activities specified above in the 20 days as mentioned above.

If the WBFS Admissions Officer does not receive by e-mail any of the documents requested in the 20 days period, the participant’s application will be automatically cancelled.


Still have a question? You can contact our admissions officer and get a quick reply!


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